MathemaGical nature of the universe

People desire math that empowers.

Welcome to one such matheMagical possibility.

The math we are capable of learning, in an alive school!

The School of Athens, by Raphael

We can teach Mathematics which is alive, and magical!  This is what the classical Greeks intended, revisited by the greatest artists and minds of the Renaissance.  Creative mathematics contains ancient Wisdom, found to be much more interesting than the stuff in mainstream education.  Creative and holistic mathematics exposes youth to their world, from the micro to the macro.

Sacred Geometry?!

The sacredness of mathematics and of learning is what we can and should be teaching in schools today.  Mathematics which is alive, and gives life rather than destroy it.
Student interest and results of our work together have been pronounced, as has parental and teacher enthusiasm at my workshops.  Here’s a reference to my work:
I am pleased to be presenting this material internationally to teachers and home-schooling parents, and thrilled by their continued support and enthusiasm, and the purchase of my books on this subject.  All of this you may observe in the attached pages.
Let’s come together and drop our stigmas, and see that in this subject there is something powerful for almost everyone to learn about.

Change curriculum in Schools

This material has been on the verge of implementation in Irish and Czech national school systems!  Sadly economic crises coincided and have thus far dissolved investment.  But, the time is long overdue that adult intelligence, rather than business interest, step in and take charge of the educative process.


One Response to MathemaGical nature of the universe

  1. Marianne says:

    Thank you Paul for such an amazing book, so informative and creative. My children will be rewarded by reading this book and thus this includes me. All schools should embrace this knowledge and include this in their educational system. Mariandra from Australia.

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