I am : excited about the way the Universe is made up and sharing this with People and seeing them get excited too.

I was educated and worked as an engineer, enriched with travel to 70 countries of which I’ve lived and taught in five different ones.  I have been gifted with the ability to more than successfully teach a difficult subject.  This has become my service and vocation.

My journey has opened up to me an amazing awareness of the nature of the cosmos.  While it appears to our five senses as random, the energy which underlies everything is harmonic and patterned – meaning mathematical. 

I have had the pleasure of continuing to receive new inspirations which I have taught as an ever-growing range of materials; internationally at high school, university, and adult workshops.   It has found great reception from creative parents teaching their children at home.

There is Awe in the realization of Higher Mind being mathematical.  And there is my objective:  to change Mathematics education globally.  I’m at times touring the world with this and connecting with Everyone with  AMP4a© .

This is part of the new paradigm showering down upon us now in these exciting times.  I have new words to use with it, like “Archimath”© and “Mathic”©, for we are talking about the epic Architecture of how the Multiverse may in fact be constructed.

Specific themes presented, taught, or published to date (in North America and Europe) include “Using Mandalas in Mathematics Instruction”, “2 and 3 Dimensional Constructions”, “Zometools in the Creative Classroom”, “Phi – The Golden Section”, “In the Footsteps of the Masters – Stonehenge, Pyramids and da Vinci”,  “I as Symbol in the Circle of Life”, “Rocketry for Physics and Mathematics Lessons”, “The Historical Development of Alchemy as a Means of Teaching Chemistry”, and “Theatrical Presentation of Mathematics”.

I am currently building my body, Spirit, family, community, home and school in southern Oregon.

You may email me at paulstang@gmail.com


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