Sacred Geometry

For more info from my work, with the OTHER sid e of the brain, try

Want to see and experience a cosmic portal?  Go to Portland Oregon on a Thursday night at the Crystal Temple, where there is also a whole lot more interesting work going on.

While in Asheville, NC, go to the Vesica Institute, or at least find out more about bio geometry and other amazing work.

Further work can be done with IBIS, in the realm of spiritual alchemy.  Her brilliant work can be found at:

Geometric and visionary art

My most inspired art is the work of a Czech painter known as Zdenek Hajny.  While in Prague, you’ve got to see his museum, but it’s a bit out from the center.  Here is a gallery of his work: It’s entitled, “pathway to the light”.

My dear friend and colleague, Francene Hart is also a must see, if geometric art is of interest to you:

I’d also like to point out the amazing work of a Czech artist named Jirina Lockerova.  She is doing healing work with mandalas.  Here’s her webpage, specifically on this topic.  You might need to use your translator but good luck!

Another engineer turned artist, like myself, is also doing some very interesting work around archetypes and mandalas.  Her name is Eva Butzke and her site is: To at least get you started, Ochrana means protection, osobnosti – personality, cesta zivotem is your life’s path and k sobe means path to yourself.  Enjoy!

Creative aids

First of the bunch is Zometools.  They are great for using in holistic math because they are made to the phi proportions.  Best is to buy blue and green struts, in bulk.  In this way one can make the platonic forms, and several archimedean, and then stellate the Platonics.  That is really the thing to do!

Another good option is Tubespace.  I like these because it is possible to make much smaller models and they readily allow for construction of the duals, so that the mathematician can see how a stellated tetrahedron is contained within a cube and contains an octahedron.

Further there is astrologix.  Which product to choose from?  Well, this seems best for smaller children.  The parts are soft, and either brightly colored or glow in the dark – which is really fun!

I know it might seem pricey to buy all three but, well, I have!  As the child develops into a teenager and college student, the final choice is pretty clearly zometools, to be able to really apply the pythagorean theorem and understand phi proportions.

A further very useful product is geomag.  Here the possibilities of form are endless and yet it can be seen that the triangle, tetrahedron, octahedron, and icosahedron are strong forms, while the square and cube are not.  Finally, the dodecahedron just collapses on itself from the weight.

Education Great information regarding excess and abuse of technology in the classroom. Former school head, trying to pull education away from tech, junk food and competition. Great alternative news site, guaranteed to ruin your day.  See what mainstream media is not reporting.

Energy and technology

Where to start other than Barbara Brennan?  Of course the prices of her schools are ridiculously high, as seems to be the unfortunate truth of most top end energy work and sacred geometry these days.   I’ll just give a plug for her excellant book instead:  Hands of Light. Must read site on mobile-phone transmitter exposure risks, by bio-physicist.  Pretty technical but clearly shows the effects of pulsed signals on the crystals in the Human Brain.  The world is going wireless.  But, if we are going to work with energy, and healing work, we have no alternative but seek low-tech solutions folks.

More easy to read, and very sobering is the report put together for the European Environmental Agency, which so far doesn’t seem as manipulated as the EPA in the US, or the World Health Organization (whose director once worked for the wireless industry – blatant conflict of interest?) News source providing snippets about tech industries, products and safety concerns. Government site showing krypton 85 released by nuclear energy facilities affects natural ionization and weather Citizen’s nuclear information center, for a nuclear free world.  Info on Krypton 85 and  Iodine 129 . What others are doing to stop installation of phone masts. Title kind of says it all.  Do a search under Mobile phone transmitter dangers and see how many hits there are.

Read “In the absence of the Sacred, the failure of Technology & the survival of the Indian Nations” and “Four arguments for the elimination of Television” by Jerry Mander.  Aren’t tools supposed to serve us?

Miroslav HuptychMiroslav Huptych

Food and health   Wallchart showing nutrients in the food. Site offering a variety of book titles such as, “The Medical Mafia : How to Get Out of It Alive and Take Back Our Health and Wealth” , “The Buying of Congress; How Special Interests Have Stolen Your Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, ” The Truth About Drug Companies, How They Deceive Us and What To Do About It“,  “The Safe Shopper’s Bible: A Consumer’s Guide to Nontoxic Household Products, Cosmetics, and Food”. Must read site on food nutrient and quality degradation created by irradiation. Informative site about GM foods.

Power and Politics  Dr. Noam Chomsky’s Website. Leading intellectual, whose books include: Profit over People; Secrets, Lies and Democracy; Keeping the Rabble in Line; The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many;  What Uncle Sam Really Wants; Deterring Democracy; Necessary Illusions. “Human Rights” and American Foreign Policy. Site discussing geopolitics, environment, trade and health. Fraud within the pharmaceutical industry.  Price fixing on vitamins     Info about the Rockefeller family, an exemplary “world leader” and their “philanthropism” to key organizations. – Similar, interesting, family history.  There are many more, offering the opportunity for further research. Information about a key central bank scandal of our time. Reports on the CIA and drug trade. Natural resources defense council Stockholm international peace research institute

Positive steps

Install alternative energy systems in your home, like micro turbines, solar water heating and solar electricity.

Get off techno and into relationships.  Walk.  Own fewer cars, TVs, and things. Enjoy Christmas differently, without being Scrooge or Grinch.


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