Why Mathematics?  Excellent that you should ask.  This is The book for your thriving mind.

We as Architects in the Wheel of Life

Interest in my teaching methods has inspired the creation of a book to help teachers, parents, students, and school directors not only make more sense of mathematics but as a means of positively and dramatically changing mathematics (and other subject) instruction in our world.

“We as Architects in the Wheel of Life – Is this the Mathematics we should be Learning?” is 250 pages of creative efforts that work with the multiple intelligences and skills of our youth, pulling in the mathematically challenged yet artistically or kinesthetically gifted, while providing challenge and humanistic development to the student who usually finds the material easy.  The book contains 60 proven lesson plans that can be put right into use and includes mathematical, philosophical, and moral consideration not found in Today’s curriculum.

A sampling of pages is included here:


There are many creative mathematics materials available today, increasing our knowledge of geometric forms, recreational mathematics, and sacred geometry.  “We as Architects” is uniquely written by a teacher for teachers, parents and youth.  These materials are being considered for national curriculum reform in Ireland and Czech republik, unfortunately on hold for budget crises but awaiting the day.


The book is available on Amazon or you can order it direct, the difference being that mine are on recycled paper and have the four color pages in the middle for greater beauty.  Amazon cannot produce this economically.

For further information contact me directly at


Explore the Sacred through Geometry

Interest in my workshops has inspired the creation of a second book for those wanting to explore and make geometric art, and curious what is meant by the phrase “Sacred Geometry”.  This is also a great companion to “We as Architects”.

“Explore the Sacred through Geometry” is 150 large-format pages of creative drawing techniques, projects, detailed explanations and meditations.  I wish to emphasize these meditations because they came to me during the writing and as I have then begun to work further with people I have found them to be a true pathway to energizing the chakras, clearing the associated auric layers and opening up to greater cosmic potential.  Wow, is that a mouthful!

A sampling of pages is included here:


This book may also be purchased through Amazon.

The Forest of Dlahomila


My work has expanded.  Time spent in the Forest has resulted in a beautifully illustrated children’s fairytale of gnomes and faeries.  At first they tend to tease each other, but with time they find that they are not so different and begin to make friends.  You can find this and my other books also on amazon!

A sampling of artwork is provided here:



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