Village Math

As a participant of the Home Schooling movement I hear often from people the interest in more socialization for children.

It has been my experience to be involved with a group of parents who launched a mini-school with six children.  This was an excellant oportunity for our children to join in a home-based environment.

We initiated the project with dreams of using various parental interests and experiences in Waldorf and Montessori methods.  We also had the benefit of several participants being potential subject teachers.  And yet, with such a strong entry, of like-minded individuals we ultimately defeated ourselves by shifting from a democratic approach to one person being given charge, who then dictated the need for an employed teacher – a process that bankrupted the program within months.  We fell to in-fighting, prejudice towards male participation with small children, and argument about nutrition.  Actually, a healthy (and normal) debate though some saw it only as reason for leaving rather than a means to resolution.

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child.  In education, in trying to give our children the best creative path the same is true.  Teaching Tribally, gathering a group, utilizing the skills of the members, bringing in outside expertise as necessary.

Teaching Tribally is possible.  Challenging.  Rewarding.  Perhaps the best option.


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