Travelling Teacher

Significant teaching experiences in Mathematics, art and the sciences, educated and experienced as an engineer, studies in Architecture and art, and extensive world travel have enabled me to create a unique curriculum for home schooling parents, which I am opening up to groups who are interested.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, US, I am providing this program to individuals and small groups throughout the region.  I hear so often from adults “Ugh, math.  I was awful at it at school”.   Wouldn’t you like your child, teenager to have a much better experience and understanding?

This traveling program involves a full morning of creative  instruction and activities with children/youth, followed by an afternoon with their parents detailing what the morning has been about and how to then proceed with further work until the next meet-up.  ‘Homework’ and further contact could be provided through email until the next session.

This valued effort is also  affordably priced, particularly as groups distribute the costs.  As a global traveller, I offer a willingness to meet interested parties halfway; “couch surf” (no wi-fri please), explore the least expensive independent alternatives.  Meeting people, sharing internationalism is part of the strength which empowers the families who I work with, while keeping an eye on budget  to provide a very needed service for creative parents who may not have confidence with this subject.

Given a few months of working together the intent is that each parent will have found an interest and ability to carry on teaching the material, while also seeing how to create a significant portfolio with their child for submission eventually to any university application board.

This is all part of my AMP4a tour.

My goal is to further do this around the world…

Ultimately this could provide for the creation of localized ‘Tribal Teaching’.


5 Responses to Travelling Teacher

  1. mairead o driscoll says:

    please put me on your mailing list. i am in ireland and in ny for the summer 2012

  2. Eddie Richards says:

    Hi Paul
    My name is Eddie and along with my partner Caron we are home educating our 12 yr old son Natty. We live in Glastonbury and understand from Jan Stone that you are spending some time in this area in the coming months and are keen to work with some home edders. We are certainly interested and would like to know more about what you are offering and when. Please let us know.

  3. Hi, I’m very interested – please let me know when your workshop in Glastonbury will be. Thanks, Jennifer Ratnayake tel: 07985 415120

    • Elizabeth Steward says:

      The subject matter is an art of its own. Phi and the platonic solids are an incredible life source to be aware of. You have a skill at really bringing maths to life and simplifying, you’re a prophet of mathematics! I’ve been an engineer for 10 years, but my background was really irrelevant. Thank you. Also recommend the mandala class and talk on sacred geometry as I’ve been happy to study all these topics with you.

  4. Hi Paul, I am very interested in what you are doing! My daughter Scarlet is 14 next month and i am lost with maths. We live in Woodingdean, near Brighton and would be very interested in a workshop. My number is 07811694049 or email

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