Creative Math

The structure of what we call Reality. 

What is mathematics (what is it good for)?”  Most people have had no positive relationship with this subject.

And yet I have found Awe, and so have the students, friends, parents and teachers who I’ve been fortunate enough  to show this other Way to.  It’s cool! and fun too; discovering, making learning a game, using art, rockets, many things formerly unimaginable.  And finding that the nature of what we call “Physical Reality” is made to a rather simple plan.  My students don’t think of math as hard, or useless.  Instead they want to know what the next exploration is going to be.  To see that math is meaningful.  Too, they are developing a much different Awareness of things, and able to use their brains much more “whole-ly”.  Well educated in math, we tune our mind to Being.

We live in a Multiverse, containing harmonies that a very high Mind has created.  As we are discussing the architecture of All That Is, I have created a new term: “Archimath©”

Why do I teach this stuff?   What is it really?  Nearly everything that we are made of at the energetic, atomic, molecular, cellular and crystal levels, plus certain time oriented cycles follow patterns almost as easy as 1, 2, 3…  Patterns that we study, often label using the “M.” word.  A word and concept that is such a stigma for so many.

Who is this work destined for?  Creative teachers wanting to get out of the box, homeschooling parents, and students wanting to get their schools to CHANGE!  (Feeling disenfranchised?  Be the change that you want.) And any and all who want to Occupy education.

If you look at my book “We as Architects in the Wheel of life” , available through this website  and also Amazon, and/or come to my workshops and seminars  you will see how exciting the makeup of the universe is.

My methods work with multiple intelligences and skills to bring alive Archimath.  Magical at times!  Further, it is exercise for the left part of the brain, enabling us to problem solve, analyze  problems in life, and organize things.

Mathematics Curriculum reform

Experience teaching primary, high-school, and university students have shown that this Waldorf inspired and ever developing alternative material improves results of instruction.   We can and must change the curriculum under which standardized math is now taught.  And we’re on the verge!, held up  by economic crisis, and more a crisis of confidence in challenging times.  Distraction.  It is here for You, whenever you wish to know more.

Mandalas, non-decimal counting, fractions, visual techniques, √2, √3, √5, Φ, Platonic/Archimedic forms, Zometools, Astro-Logix, and Sacred Geometry are keys to making mathematics better understood, more interesting, and practical for a much broader spectrum.  How can we use them so that math is more enjoyable and successful?

Teaching and lifelong study of math, history, art, architecture, physics, chemistry, botany, astrology, geography, geology and computers, have provided for the development of a working educational program that links a myriad of subjects coherently to improve student effort, interest, and career aspiration.

These techniques have been honed in the classroom and have inspired teachers and artists who have been amazed how simply concepts can be understood and how “it all ties together”.

The mathematics that we each learned was not necessarily as fun as what I experience every day.  If we step back from the thrill of technology, and the crush of standardization,  we find that we may succeed in making mathematics more interesting, fun, and achievable for a wider portion of student populations, while pushing those typically capable souls to expand their Human sides.  This is key; mathematics which is Humanistic, builds upon ancient Wisdom, and is relevant.


How about an example?  If the side of a square measures “1”, what is the diagonal?  How about the longest distance in the cube?  Work this out and one can see how √2, √3 relate to 2 and 3 dimensions.  Then try to figure out the height of an octahedron whose edges measure “1”.  Calculating is a bit of a challenge, so turn it on its side.  See the square?  Use logic now!  These are the same two values that show up in our 30-45-60 sine and cosine calculations and no other.  Almost as easy as 1,2,3.  Who cares, how does this matter?  Well, the cube and octahedron are basic atomic and molecular building blocks, formed by the “Word” – vibration. (perhaps formed by Will and intention)  The Sine wave, or just wave, is the model of that vibration.

Standardized tests?  Computers as a tool in your child’s hands?  Calculators as an aide?  Not a chance!   Each has been introduced by those who would profit from our dearest members of society.   Our children are not being served by them.  And they are all part of why the subject is not interesting!  A calculator and decimal answer ar not alive, but a rose is…

In the linked pages find out about my books on creative mathematics  companion books which focus more on the artistic, intuitive, and meditational.

Further, see the types of workshops and lectures which have been given to teachers, children, artists, adult students, and parents internationally.  Participate with illuminating the mysteries of Geometric form.  We can learn, and teach, creative and holistic mathematics which call effectively and successfully to multiple intelligences.

For more information on the books, workshops or creative ideas with Math, and the Golden Mean, please contact me at .


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