Math with a heart





x2 + (y – x2/3)2 = 1


Math with a Heart

Most People have not had a positive experience with mathematics in school and have come away frustrated and with a low opinion of their intelligence.

What if math was not so difficult and lifeless?  What if it made people who had their eyes open and were excited by Humanity and Our place in the great Scheme of things, (rather than wmd)?

Alive Math for All People, AMP4a (Ampfora – the ancient Greco-Roman carry-all) is what I teach and facilitate.

Alive Math for all People!   – AMP4a©


2014, as people continue to solve the greater issues we are all facing right now.  Want to know the relevance of Math, in an incredible time of paradigm shift?  Get involved.

A School

Yes, a school!  My Intention is to create a place for Teenagers to thrive intellectually, develop interpersonal skills, understand what it is to be a world citizen, and participate in a healthy lifestyle of fitness and nutrition.

And of course holistic mathematics, at the high school level.  The School of Learning/Space of Love@ to be built in the near future will include studies in health and nutrition, world cultures and religions, body and fitness, and some holistic work in sciences and arts.  No, it won’t fit any state mandates for it will exceed them in the realms that prepare Youth for life, not to be “robot clone with phone”@.

All interested parties are welcome and encouraged to connect.  If you plan for the here and now, plant a garden.  If you want to think in terms of the next decade plant a tree.  And if you really want to contribute to Legacy, join the efforts to make a new kind of school!



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